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Enviro-diesel is an ultra-low sulfur renewable diesel blend with premium fuel properties. The balanced formulation offer users  clean engines from petroleum deposits for better fuel economy, higher auto ignition quality for increased performance and superior fuel lubricity properties for extended engine life.
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You’re Engine Warranty

Enviro-diesel exceeds ASTM D975 specification, which is the minimum accepted values for diesel properties to provide engine performance satisfaction and cover Original Engine Manufacturer (OEM) warranty. The specification is approved worldwide.

Upgrade to Enviro-diesel

Compatible with Petrol-Diesel

Enviro-diesel is fully compliant with petrol-diesel, and no
vehicle engine modifications are needed - just pump and go.
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Customer Experience  

Enviro-diesel is compatible with all diesel engines in cars, SUV's, busses, trucks and heavy equipment, old and new engine technologies. Customers experience easier cold starting, no smoke, better fuel consumption and lower engine running temperatures because of better engine efficiency.

Reduced Harmful Emissions

ULS enviro-diesel dramatically reduces greenhouse gases and ultra-fine particles from diesel engine exhaust gases, which improve the local air quality significantly.
Enviro-diesel Data Sheets          Enviro-diesel MSDS
Enviro-diesel Blending Plant
Bulk Enviro-diesel loading for customers
Customers Enviro-diesel retail pump
Manica fill-up their International truck with Enviro-diesel
Modification and loading bay

Positive Impacts

Enviro-diesel sales create a higher agricultural demand for oilseed crops and is the turnkey for the transformation and job creation in rural areas.